Step right up, ladies and gentlemen! In the dazzling circus of printing, there’s a spectacular showdown happening at Epic PRINT Pros in Frisco, Colorado. Get ready to witness the acrobatics of full bleed and the classy magic tricks of no bleed as they battle for the title of the ultimate print star. Grab your popcorn and let the printing extravaganza begin!

Cue the Drumroll: Basics Unleashed!
Before we unleash the clowns, let’s get acquainted with the basics. Bleed, dear audience, is the extra bit of razzle-dazzle that extends beyond the final trim size, ensuring that ink reaches the edges. Now, let the contenders step into the ring!

Act 1: Full Bleed – The Daredevil of Designs
Picture this: a business card or poster where the design fearlessly leaps from edge to edge, demanding attention like a trapeze artist soaring through the air. This, dear friends, is the spectacle of full bleed. At Epic PRINT Pros, we’re all about making your designs the center ring attraction.

Advantages of Full Bleed:

Act 2: No Bleed – The Classic Gentleman of Prints
Now, for the refined gentleman of prints, we have the classic charm of no bleed. This style is all about clean borders, sophistication, and a touch of old-school elegance. It might not juggle fire, but it sure knows how to waltz!

Advantages of No Bleed:

Act 3: Practical Circus Stunts: File Prep, Cutting, and Paper Olympics
Behind the scenes, the real magic happens. File preparation is like practicing tightrope walking, and our team at Epic PRINT Pros are the undisputed champions.

File Preparation: Imagine our designers as tightrope walkers extending the design just enough, not too much, ensuring a perfect balance.

Cutting Precision: Full bleed requires the precision of a knife-throwing expert. Our cutting machines are the stars of the show, guaranteeing clean edges every time.

Paper Choices: It’s like selecting the right animal for the circus act. Different papers play different roles, and our experienced team will guide you to the perfect paper for your print safari.

Act 4: Choosing Your Star Performer
As a customer-focused print and copy store, Epic PRINT Pros wants you to be the ringmaster of your printing circus. Let’s see where these performers shine the brightest.

Full Bleed for the Big Top Extravaganza:

No Bleed for the Black-Tie Affair:

Grand Finale: Epic PRINT Pros – Where Every Print is a Showstopper
As the confetti settles and the laughter echoes through the printing tent, remember this: at Epic PRINT Pros, your prints aren’t just pieces of paper; they’re the stars of the show. Whether it’s full bleed or no bleed, our team is here to make sure your printing circus is the talk of the town.

Step right up, folks! Let’s turn your printing dreams into a spectacle. Because at Epic PRINT Pros, every print is a standing ovation waiting to happen.